Andre Akito

Behind the Ink | The Life of a Sak Yant Artist | Siem Reap | Cambodia

Sak Yant tattoos have a long history behind. They were introduced to the world centuries ago by the time of the Khmer empire. Since then, the tradition and the art has been passed down in a lineage for many generations, from teacher to students, requiring many years of study and practice. Sak Yant Tattoos are very intricate, aesthetic and each element will have a specific meaning for the wearer. In 2022, I spent a day with Sombath Sakk, from Federation Khmer Sak Yant to learn more about the story of Sak Yant and also about his everyday life.

Tevy's Place - On a Journey of Hope | Siem Reap | Cambodia

Tevy’s Place is a local restaurant located at the heart of Siem Reap, Cambodia. It offers a wide variety of Khmer and Western food. The restaurant was founded by Tevy, an inspiring woman who has faced many adversities throughout her life. Despite all these challenges, she never gave up her dream of making the world a better place. Tevy uses her restaurant as a platform to help the community around her. She partners with several local organizations to generate a positive impact for Siem Reap in the areas of education, women empowerment and plastic/waste reduction. This is short video about Tevy’s story, a woman who has been an inspiration for many people in Siem Reap. 

HAVEN | Transforming Lives | Siem Reap | Cambodia

HAVEN is a social enterprise and a training restaurant for vulnerable young adults from shelters, as well as underprivileged young adults from very poor rural areas. By teaching quality work skills and important life skills, HAVEN empowers these young adults by preparing them for employment and by helping them in their personal development, creating safe and independent futures.

Banllé Vegetarian Restaurant | Siem Reap | Cambodia

Banlle is a vegetarian restaurant located in the heart of Siem Reap, Cambodia. The restaurant was founded by Chef Pola Siv and is based on the idea of increasing awareness about vegetarianism, environmentalism, health and animal rights. In this video, Chef Pola shares a bit of Banlle story and cooks Nom Banh Chok, one of the most traditional dishes in Cambodian cuisine.

Silk Village | Hội An | Vietnam

The Hội An Silk Village was established 300 years ago and used to be home to many craftspeople who created products solely via silkworm farming and production. Nevertheless the village became unprofitable and closed doors almost 100 years ago because of competition and declining interest in artisanal silk products. The village reopened its doors a decade ago in an effort to reignite interest and preserve the history of silk production in Hội An, which is central to the city’s identity.

Doctor Tyutyuma - Cosmetology and Massage Therapist

Dr. Tyutyuma is a cosmetologist and massage therapist who was born in Ukraine but now travels around the world. Currently based in Da Nang (Vietnam), she performs work in the fields of physiotherapist and general medicine. With years of experience, degrees in Family Doctor, Dr. Tyutyuma can help you to improve both your physical and mental health.

Hearing & Beyond | Hội An | Vietnam

Hearing & Beyond in Vietnam is a small, privately-funded non-government, not-for-profit organization assisting Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing children in Hội An, Vietnam.

Tapi Healthy Food & Cafe | Đà Nẵng | Vietnam

Cassava noodle is a signature dish from the hometown of Tapi – Healthy food & Cafe’s owners (Que Son, Quang Nam region). Traditionally served with fish, the Tapi ladies have created their own version as a summer salad with cassava noodle, tasty local shrimp, fresh veggies from local farms, and their homemade peanut sauce.

Dirty Hands Garage | Đà Nẵng | Vietnam

There are countless mechanic garages around Vietnam. It is definitely one of the most important professions in the country. You can basically find a garage in every corner of a city and even in some of the most remote places in the countryside. However, there are only a few places like Dirty Hands. It is a small garage located in a quiet and narrow street in the city of Đà Nẵng. But since the first moment you get there, you are treated like a friend and not like a customer.