Andre Akito

Searching for the Dragon Head | Somewhere in Vietnam

In the end of 2021, I went to a surf trip with Go Surfing Vietnam. By then, we drove by the coast of Vietnam searching for a place which is known for having rocks with the shape of a dragon head. This is a video we made from the journey ! Big thanks to Knee Jerk, TJ, Thuan Le Ngoc and Thanh Bui !

Wan Inline | São Paulo | Brazil

Wanderson Santos is an inline skater from São Paulo / Brazil. He is part of a group called CrazyInRollers that skates around the city and sells inline skate equipments.

Mario Leal BMX | São Paulo | Brazil

Mario Leal was born in Tailândia, a small city located in the state of Pará in the Northern region of Brazil. He is currently living in São Paulo.

Alan Mendes BMX | Sãp Paulo | Brazil

Born in the city of Tucuruí/PA, in the northern region of Brazil, Alan came to Sao Paulo looking for opportunities in the BMX World. The first time I met him was in 2017 and he was doing some breathtaking tricks in Centro de Esportes Radicais. It was the first time I was going to this park and one of my first experiences as a photographer. I was so impressed with his skills that I immediately went talk to him and ask if I could make some shoots. Since the first time we spoke, he was so openly and thrilled about co-creating that we quickly became friends. On August of 2018, I went back to Centro de Esportes Radicais and met him again. On that time, I decided to make a video of him.

Pachamama | Ibiúna | Brazil

One of the best memories I have from my childhood days is going to Ibiúna with my closest friends and spend whole the day doing sports. Even tough we all grew up and have different schedules and lifes now, going to Ibiuna is something that we still do every once in a while. And during the days we spend there, it looks like were a still a bunch of kids together. One of the things that we all learned in the past two decades was to wakeboard. On July of 2018, we went one more time to Ibiúna. This is some images of our days of wakeboarding.