Andre Akito

Jan, 2024

True Blood Tattoo Club | Da Nang | Vietnam

We all have unique paths, experiences, relationships and ideas. And the combination of all these things make our journey in this world even more singular, a one-in-the-universe experience. As artists, however, sometimes we might question ourselves if we should follow and nurture our individualities, or if we should adapt ourselves and change our styles according to what the market needs. Even though the answer might lie in between (as it often does), we shouldn’t neglect our personal styles and should always cultivate our individualities. 

True Blood is a tattoo studio based in Đà Nẵng, Vietnam. The studio was founded by the local artist Hy and focuses on the idea of nurturing our individualities and using them as the guideline for our work. We shouldn’t deviate much from what we want to create and from what we believe is right. We all have unique identities and we should always look to be true to ourselves.

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