Andre Akito

September 2021

Tam Kỳ | Vietnam

Tam Kỳ is a small coastal city located in central Vietnam, 50 kilometers from Hội An. It is the capital of Quảng Nam Province. The North Vietnamese captured the city in 1975 from the Republic of Vietnam, which used as the main base of the US military during the war in Vietnam. Since then, there has been substantial development within the city. Tam Kỳ city is famous for Tam Kỳ chicken rice, which is recognized nationally, and many pristine beaches. By the coast, within the alleys of small fishing villages, the house walls are painted with art from a Korean-Vietnamese joint project. In addition, Tam Kỳ city is also famous for Tam Kỳ noodles, which is known as My Quang. 

Tam Thanh Community Art Village

Nearby the city, it is possible to find Tam Thanh, a small, quiet and beautiful village which is entirely decorated with street art. In 2016, the village was selected to be part of a Korean-Vietnamese joint project called “Art for a Better Community”. For this project, the walls of more than 100 residences were chosen to be a blank canvas for artists express their art. 

Trường Giang River

Trường Giang is a river that runs alongside the coast in Quảng Nam Province. The south of river empties into the sea at the mouth of Hòa An and the north of river empties into the sea at Cua Dai, in the middle of Thang Bình district and Tam Ky. The river has a length of 70km and many fishermen make a living from the river.

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