Andre Akito


Mar, 2024

Nam Jam 24 – Think Outside the Canvas | Da Nang | Vietnam

A blank canvas is essentially limitless. It offers us infinite possibilities to create and express ourselves. However, a canvas does have some forms of boundaries. First, there is a physical constraint that can prevent us from going further and creating larger artworks. In addition, if we develop the habit of always using the same medium to create, we can limit our experimentation process. When we only work inside a canvas, our creativity might rely on familiar patterns and techniques instead of exploring new possibilities and ideas. 

Just like any other field, it can be beneficial to occasionally challenge ourselves and to think and experiment new possibilities. We have to think outside the box, or think outside the canvas. 

Nam Jam is a vibrant gathering of local and international artists coming together to paint, create, inspire, and connect. One of the objectives of the festival is to make artists challenge themselves, paint larger murals, and use different mediums to create. At the same time, they can learn from each other and connect with fellow artists. 

In 2024, due to some changes in local regulations during the festival, some of the public murals weren’t allowed to be finished by the local authorities. That forced the organizers and the artists to challenge themselves in this regard as well and find alternative murals to paint and work on. As a consequence, partnerships with private organizations and individuals were developed. Despite the challenges, the event was a great experience to connect, create and learn from each other.

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