Andre Akito


June 2020

Mộc Châu and Mai Châu | Vietnam​

Mộc Châu and Mai Châu are two small towns located in the northwest region of Vietnam, around 4 hours away from Hanoi. Despite being in two different provinces, the towns are relatively close to each other, have mountainous and rural landscapes and it is common to visit them both at once. 

Mộc Châu

Mộc Châu is a rural district of Sơn La province. The city is located 1000m above sea level, which provides a cool temperature top the region. The town is small, and spreads around its main street, but the highlights are located outside the town, towards its hills, mountains and waterfalls. The region is famous for green covered highlands and for producing many local specialties like tea and plums. 

Mai Châu

Mai Châu is a mountainous and rural region located in Hòa Bình Province, only one hour away from Mộc Châu. The town is surrounded by endless paddy fields and huge green hills, some of which we can climb. There are many wooden stilt houses by the rice fields, many of them used as homestays. Everyday, hundreds of farmers can be seen working in the rice fields. The village is also famous for its caves. 

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