Andre Akito

September 2020

Huế | Vietnam

Considered one of the most traditional cities in Vietnam, Huế was the capital of unified Vietnam between the period of 1802 and 1945 and home of the last emperors that governed the country. During that period, the city has been the source of much of Vietnam political history and culture. Many of these customs are still have a significant impact  on the lifestyle and characteristics of citizens from Huế . The city is located in central Vietnam, on the banks of the Perfume River and just a few miles inland from the East Sea. 

The Rainy Season

The area where Huế lies is also considered one of the rainiest places in Vietnam. As a consequence, the region is heavily impacted by some extreme weather conditions, especially during the monsoon season, which happens between September – November. In 2020, four storms and two typhoons hit the area in a window of 2 month. Risk of floods and landslides were frequent and many people were reallocated from their homes, especially in the countryside. At the same time, many volunteers from around Vietnam were flying to the region in order to support people who were impacted by the weather. 

Huế from the Sky

There are many interesting buildings and landscapes in Huế, including 4 Emperor’s Tombs, an abandoned water park, huge cemeteries (which also have very decorated tombs) and many mountains outside the city center, such as Hòn Vượn. These photos were take from several sites around Huế, using a drone. 

People from Huế

People from Huế are some of the kindest from Vietnam. Some say that there is a certain royal kindness embedded in their culture. People who were born in Huế also speak Vietnamese with a particular accent and some people from other regions can struggle to understand a few words. 

A Taste of Tradition | Huế | Vietnam

In addition to historical imperial sites, Huế is also well known for its distinctive cuisine, which is presented in a very aesthetic way, combining food ingredients, adornments and colors to create a gastronomic work of art. Although many of traditional dishes have royal origins and were initially made to please and impress the royalty, today these are very accessible and can be found in every corner of the city. Some of the main dishes from Huế include: Bún Bò Huế, Nem Lụi, Cơm Hến, Bánh Bèo, Bánh Xèo and Bánh Bột Lọc. 

This video was shoot in the months of October and November (during the rainy season) and it shows some traditional dishes in Huế made by street food venders. 

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