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Dr. Tyutyuma is a cosmetologist and massage therapist who was born in Ukraine but now travels around the world. Currently based in Da Nang (Vietnam), she performs work in the fields of physiotherapist and general medicine. With years of experience, degrees in Family Doctor, Dr. Tyutyuma can help you to improve both your physical and mental health.

April 24 , 2021

Doctor Tyutyuma – Cosmetology and Massage Therapist

In April 2021, I felt really privileged to be invited by Elena Tyutyuma to take shoot photos and make videos of her work. By that time, we had been friends for a few months already and it was really incredible to see her performing her work. The techniques that she uses are diverse and distinctive. Special thanks to Jonathan Kiely and Ana Luiza for helping modeling for the photos and videos.

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